business benefits and strategy for biodiversity

A close, strategic collaboration with Ecogain will protect your business, reduce your risks and increase society's acceptance of your business. In the long run, a responsible approach to nature creates competitive advantages and a stronger, more attractive brand.

BRIEFLY ABOUT OUR METHODS IN business benefits and strategy


Current analysis with action plan

Ecogain takes the pace of your company's relations with our natural capital.

Each business activity has an impact on our natural capital and ecosystems. What is the extent of your business dependency and what risks could it bring? Which cost effective ways are available to make a positive change? We analyse the situation and suggest a suitable plan. In turn, you will be able to manage your most prioritised risks and challenges.



Strategies for sustainable land use

Strategies that build both sustainable business and a strong nature capital.

Based on your company's business, we support you in the strategic work around land and nature capital today, tomorrow and in the future.


Business@Biodiversity Sweden

Contact: Sara Carlsén

The Network Business @ Biodiversity Sweden

The growing network B@B, Sweden adresses the most burning issues: What are the motivations for companies to address biodiversity in their business models? How can this be done in practice? Some of the big players, such as Boliden, Jämtkraft, LKAB, Swerock and Vattenfall etc. are already members and we welcome more. Take part in best practice, share knowledge and experience and lay the foundation for tomorrow's sustainable society.



communication, content, illustration & form

Contact: Lisa Kejving

Why not let a species you care about support the company's brand? 

At Ecogain we like to think that competence and communication are two parts of the same coin. A good mentor is a good communicator, and vice versa. Ecogain's own agency in communication and graphics strengthens your brands substantiated content.


Courses and seminars

Contact: Cajsa Björkén

Strengthen your knowledge and raise your level of consciousness.

We keep an ear to the ground when it comes to nature conservation, ecology and sustainable business activities. Take advantage of our expertise through our education platform.