added value while taking
care of NATURE

Cementa is part of the German international HeidelbergCement Group and is one of Sweden's largest companies within building materials. As a manufacturer and supplier of cement to the construction industry, the company is a prominent partner in community building. Sustainability is high on the agenda and Cementa proves that it is possible to reconcile business with taking care of nature.

expertise AND partnership

Ecogain has been Cementas partner in several projects related to nature, Natura 2000, species protection, outdoor life and ecological reconstruction work.

Two projects involved strategic support for the expansion of the limestone areas in Skövde and in Slite on Gotland. We participated in the early planning stages and followed the projects all the way through to completion. We also assisted with our expertise during the main hearing in the Land and Environment Court.


In 2017 Ecogain had the privilege of participating in the exciting project of designing and implementing a kilometer-long diversion of the creek Hållsdammsbäcken in Skövde, with great benefit for nature and society. Together with Cementa and other entrepreneurs we built a brand new stream.



Cementa is the closest neighbour to the protected species Nipsippa. Ecogain, together with Cementa and Umeå University, has run a ten-year research project on Nipsipan's ecology and survival. The project was successful and proves that it is possible to get a threatened and delicate species to re-establish and thrive on damaged land.

Our work resulted in a study that describes the work of maintaining and increasing the population of Nipsippan, which also makes it possible for Cementa to continue to break limestone in the area and continue to be the closest neighbour of the Nippipan.