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We see opportunities in the most complex situations and challenges. A majority of our customers are leading enterprises within the energy field and the public sector. Ecogain also supports several industry organisations. Commonly we act as an advisory expert to those corporations who realize the possibilities of combining ecological responsibility with business development, one of the most rapidly growing business areas worldwide.


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Ecogain has been working closely with the mining industry for a long period of time, as a strategic advisor and partner.

LKAB aims to be an industry leader and one of the most sustainable mining companies in the world. We regularily partake in their proactive work against the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

LKAB's operations involve land exploration, mining, processing and transport. Therefore, the company continuously strives to minimize the impact on the surrounding nature.



AN INITIAL temperature CHECK


Would it be possible to find a way to make use of all that land alongside the company’s main business? Fortum teamed up with Ecogain for an initial expert analysis complete with advice including plausible measures.

Hydropower contributes to Sweden's climate-smart energy supply. But the interventions in the water environments are severe. We now see examples where the plants are integrated with the surrounding landscape, as well as creating routes for fish and other species.



The right ecological focus for new construction


An increasing number of companies gain new insights about their dependence and impact on the natural capital.

At IKEA, responsible management is carried out in many ways. It’s evident that IKEA protects the ecology when constructing new stores and offices. Ecogain contributes to IKEA's documentation in connection with the BREEAM certification for their new office space in Älmhult.





The Land and Environmental Court changed the requirements for wind power in a debated verdict on the wind power plant Kölvallen in Hälsingland. The wind power company Arise chose Ecogain as their new consultant, to support the company in finding a new path forward.

Ecogain's overall assignment included handling the case with EIA, and to carry out several decisive inventories for a new permit application. In close collaboration, Arise and Ecogain have identified suitable positions for the wind turbines and adapted the entire plant to the natural environment with continued financial viability for the company. The new application was completed in February 2019.


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strategic partner in environmental assessment


For over ten years, Ecogain has supported Sweden's largest building materials company in various strategic projects with the aim of minimizing the impact on nature in line with the company's business development.

Ecogain’s long cooperation with Cementa has involved strategic support on the expansion of the limestone quarries in Skövde and on Gotland. In Skövde, Ecogain also contributed to the design and practical work with a kilometer-long diversion of the creek Hållsdammsbäcken.





One of the leading players within wind energy, Svevind, assigned Ecogain to develop an Environmental and Social Action Plan for one of northern Europe's largest wind power plants, located at Markbygden in Piteå municipality.

Here, Svevind builds one of the largest wind power plants in Europe, with a total of up to 1101 wind turbines, divided into several stages.The assignment involves a risk analysis focusing on biodiversity. It was initiated by the German bank and the financier Nord LB. Ecogain applied IFC Performance Standards in the implementation process.


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On behalf of the Forest Society, Ecogain delivered a future forecast of habitat banking, a new tool for sustainable land use.

The forecast was the result of a cooperation with the renowned environment monitoring company, Kairos Future. On the basis of this comprehensive report, there is now a knowledge base that has contributed to create confidence, trust and curiosity for market-based solutions regarding biodiversity, both in business and administration.





Would it be possible to shape a new car test facility in the Swedish nature in line with the internationally accepted reference hierarchy, the so-called "Mitigation Hierarchy"?

Porsche asked Ecogain to share our expertise, methods and solutions with the company's agent, all the way in preparation to, and through the Land and Environment Court. It resulted in a permission to proceed with establishing the test court.



expert advice as a source of security


Our lifestyle demands ever increasing amounts of energy. Wind power is one of the energy sources that cause the least ecological footprint.

Ecogain's long experience of wind power makes us an expert advisor for all wind power companies. One of our important tasks has been to support OX2 in all commitments regarding surrounding nature and landscape during the expansion of the wind farm Brännliden.



Svenska Kraftnät is a member of the corporate network Business@Biodiversity Sweden.

all in place for the new power line

Svenska Kraftnät

The Swedish electricity grid is changing form when the country converts to increasingly renewable energy. Svenska Kraftnät is responsible for the Swedish national grid. Development and new constructions are important parts to meet society's need for secure electricity supplies.

Ecogain gained Svenska Kraftnät's trust as an environmental consultant for the concession testing of a completely new line between Nybro and Hemsjö in Småland. The assignment included everything from GIS database, consultation documentation, EIA, nature values, protected species and ecological compensation.


knowledge in species protection for the authority

Energy Markets Inspectorate, EI

Our energy supply is being reformed and the need for specialist knowledge is increasing. The concern over species in the species protection regulation plays a greater role, among other things, in concession tests of new power lines.

EI turned to Ecogain to learn how art protection should be understood and applied. It resulted in a full day at EI for customized training with nationally leading art protection expertise - both in the legal and ecological issues.


handbook in sustainable social development

Jernkontoret, the Swedish steel producers' association. 

For several years, the Steel Companies have been working on integrating ecosystem services into their operations, but so far there has been no manual on the subject.

Ecogain has led the work of developing a guide for how ecosystem services can be integrated into the steel industry's environmental and sustainability work. The handbook contains a training package, inspiration, tips and several examples of how different steel companies have carried out their sustainability work. It was developed in collaboration with the steel companies and some selected representatives of society.



Ragn-Sells Svenska is a member of the corporate network Business@Biodiversity Sweden

From landfill to ecology

Ragn-Sells och SCA

Can a large industrial repository that is no longer in use be turned into living nature again? Sweden’s leading waste managment company Ragn-Sells, together with pulp manufacturer SCA, raised the question.

Through a groundbreaking collaboration between Ragn-Sells, SCA and Ecogain, the industrial deposit in Obbola near Umeå, becomes one with nature through ecological restoration. Ecogain used its expertise and methods for ecological restoration to produce a detailed plan on how to regain ecological value and create new nature. The area is now being transformed from an industrial landfill to a living area, with animals and plants blending in with the nature along the Umeälven delta.



Eliminate the risk and secure the investment

Allianz Capital Partners

One of the major risks associated with investments in wind power is the species protection. Allianz Capital Partners requested a thorough analysis and assessment of hidden risks, and therefore consulted Ecogain's experts for the task.

Equipped with solid knowledge regarding legal practice, Ecogain could eliminate the risks ahead and thereby secure the investment on behalf of Allianz Capital Partners. The assignment involved providing relevant documents prior to the preliminary, as well as a qualified analysis of the authority's requirements for the project.