restoring and offsetting nature

When nature is transformed into cities, infrastructure and production areas, the animals and plants decrease in numbers. Ecogain has the methods and the scientific skills for reinvesting in nature and when possible making it even better.

Briefly about our methods in restoring and offsetting nature:


Ecological compensation

Contact: Åsa Granberg

To restore damaged land and nature is one of our main objectives.

Here we combine design, science and strategy with practical measures on land and in water. We create nature, pride and brand.


Ecological restoration

When the damage cannot be avoided, you may need to restore balance.

The loss of nature during your exploitation is restored in another place. You receive your approvals and protect your business.




Contact: Sara Carlsén

At this point we start from scratch, at your industrial area.

We repair and create a new place for biodiversity and people. You win the community's acceptance for reconstructing the land you borrowed leaving it in good condition.



Maintenance and conservation plan

A service for you as a responsible land-owner

With a solid plan you gain legitimacy and a strengthened image when communicating your actions.


BREEAM – ecology in depth

BREEAM – Ecology in depth.
One of the most well-known certification systems in sustainability.

Take care of species and ecosystems when you build and create ecological credibility in the process.