solutions for a living planet

All development affects nature, one way or another. To continue gaining from our most important resource, it is essential to start working with, rather than against it.

Ecogain offers strategies and qualified knowledge with a fair approach to nature. Our mission is to create solutions for companies that realise the value of investing in a living planet, in exchange for increased business benefits and a strengthened brand.

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current situation analysis WITH ACTION plan

To give you a clear and accurate picture of what a collaboration with Ecogain implies, we begin with a thorough temperature check on your company - or project - from an ecological perspective.

In our current situation analysis with action plan, we assess significant raw materials, products and geographical areas. Based on this analysis, we create an action plan that gives your company a head start and an opportunity to build a truly sustainable business. It means cost-effective measures that build profitability, competitiveness and a capacity to handle any future challenges.

Is it possible to exploit a lime pit with positive effects on the surrounding landscape?


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The globe is a rarity

– Harry Martinsson –

Around the world we live as if we had 1.7 globes and in Sweden as if we had four. But it is possible to reverse the trend if we only want to. Ecogain works with initiatives that go hand in hand with FN's global goals for sustainable development.

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Courses, workshops, seminars, study trips, excursions and lectures.

We are unique in linking law and ecology. Genuine knowledge of our natural capital, ecosystem and community planning is matched with the application of environmental law. It creates security and allows you to make the right decision at the right time.

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Living Planet Report 2018

“there is still time to act

The reports are increasing in number and global awareness is improving. We are in a position where everything and everyone is counted for in preserving the planet we live on. Your efforts with the help of our expertise contribute to handling the great challenge we have in front of us.