Environmental permission process

Ecogain has taken a holistic approach to hundreds of assignments with complex challenges in land and water use. The result has been a number of successful projects and a sustainable use of land and water.

BRIEFLY ABOUT OUR METHODS IN Environmental permission process



Environmental assessment and environmental impact assessment (EIA)

We build values in your project and minimise the impact on the environment.

Qualified project management combined with a strong focus on the essentials and an ability to simplify, creates security in the projects. We dare to say that you will enjoy working with Ecogain's driven and skilled project managers.


inventory of nature and species

Contact: Sofia Lund

Ecogain's ecologists stand with their feet on the ground.

Our knowledge base in complex land and water issues is both broad and deep. It rests heavily on a scientific and legal basis, which will ease your company's contact with the authorities. You save time, address relevant risks and receive a powerful process.


Ecosystem services and social values

Every complex building project affects nature and people.

Ecogain's analysis of social values strengthens the acceptance of your project by relevant stakeholders and society.



Environmental Coordination

Together we find a way forward.

When your project reaches the construction phase, Ecogain is present and takes full responsibility for ensuring that all commitments and conditions are fulfilled. Thereby, the building plans can take place, while strengthening and protecting your business interests.


Follow-up studies and control programs

We carry out various monitoring and control programs, where one or more aspects are followed up during and after a land exploitation.

Our scientific platform gives you a safe starting point in contacting the outside world and the authorities.