living planet solutions

What drives a nature lover to work with companies that historically have had a great environmental impact? Wouldn’t the most sensible thing be to step on the brakes? On the contrary, we see the corporate world as an important player in the future development.

Our lifestyle requires more and more natural resources and energy. At the same time, technical innovations are expected to be the answer to our future challenges. However, we know that the risks associated with global biodiversity loss (see World Economic Forum Global Risk Report 2019) cannot be solved through technology. New resource efficient ways of planning land and water use are important factors in reducing the ecological footprint. We stand behind solutions based on deep knowledge, innovation and creativity. Only then do opportunities arise that favor biological diversity and a living planet.


Only a few generations back in time, most of us believed that the Earth's resources were inexhaustible. Now, awareness raises radically within the business world. We are convinced that the big players in the most resource intensive industries are those who will take the lead in favor of a positive change.

Taking care of nature is good business

In our increasingly transparent world, power lies with consumers. Trademarks that do not meet public requirements will lose consumer loyalty, experience difficulty recruiting skills, and growth.

Today, there is a strong incentive to incorporate ecological responsibility as a natural part of the business model and sustainability work. Companies that move forward and work for sustainable goals will gain great advantages with credibility and strengthened brand capital.

Ecogain works with both social development and nature conservation. Our biggest task is to help companies expand and develop with a responsible approach to nature. It’s the main driving force behind our company, our raison d'être. In collaboration with our progressive partners within the corporate world, we are able to create solutions that don’t stand in the way of development - but rather moves it forward.


Anders Enetjärn, CEO at Ecogain, about the motivation that drives the company forward.