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"The WWF's Living Planet Report from November 2018 tells us that ever since I was a little boy in the 1970s, the world's population of fish, birds and mammals has decreased by as much as 60%. The animals have disappeared at the same speed as humans have taken nature in possession for our own consumption.

The truth may feel gloomy and hard to take in, but there’s still time to act. What we need now are solutions that make a difference on our planet. And it is high time to act. I am very grateful to Ecogain for cooperating with a growing number of companies who wish to include nature in their successful business models."

– Anders Enetjärn, CEO at Ecogain


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WWFs Living Planet Report 2018

“It’s time to balance our consumption with the needs of nature,
and to protect the only planet that is our home.”

– Carter Roberts
President WWF-US