TOGETHER WE turn risks and challenges into opportunities

Every business that leaves their ecological footprint has a responsibility. With this responsibility comes the challenge of how to build a sustainable strategy with clear guidelines regarding species and nature.

you may Call it a strategic partnership. We prefer to call it cooperation

In Ecogain, your company has a partner that navigates through the most complex challenges associated with land and development projects. We specialise in finding solutions that create both business value, and drive development towards real sustainability.

By teaming up with us, you will be able to shape a responsible approach to nature, with positive effects for both your company’s brand capital and the natural capital.

Our methods and tools

A close, strategic collaboration with Ecogain will protect your business, reduce your risks and increase society's acceptance of your business. In the long run, a responsible approach to nature creates competitive advantages and a stronger, more attractive brand.

business benefits and strategy for biodiversity

How do we combine business with a responsible approach towards biodiversity?

Our goal is to create business benefits based on the challenges around our natural capital and the existence of our planet. Ecogain's vertical approach makes us as equally at home in strategic issues at management level, as in ground-level solutions in the field.

Environmental permission process

Is it possible to minimise the environmental risks in large-scale construction and exploitation projects?

At Ecogain, we consider it possible. Our recipe is to take full responsibility, build on a scientific ground, keep track of the law and use proven methods. As our experience has grown, we have also filled our toolbox when it comes to sustainable land use and exploitation.


Did you know that risks that have to do with nature, land, water, species and ecosystems are increasingly popping up as the unpredictable factor X in community building and development projects?

We have seen how costly it can be when environmental risks are ignored. Therefore, we also know how to identify and manage your natural capital risks. This is our playing field, so let us help you protect your business.

restoring and offsetting nature

Do you preserve and restore ecosystems? Or does your company contribute to net destruction?

Together with our clients we protect and create nature. With more than 5,000 hectares of ecological compensation and the largest projects in ecological restoration in the Nordic countries, we have made a difference on land and in water.


Do you need expert support in order to deal with environmental quality standards and difficult law issues?

Nature is complex. Almost as complex as the regulations surrounding it. Ecogain’s combination of expertise in ecology and law give you the security and predictability which reduces your risks.