Your cooperation with us should minimise your risks. Sometimes we just check that everything is in order. Other times, actions are needed. No matter what our efforts result in, you reduce your uncertainty factors, save time and add value to your project.

Briefly about our methods in EXPERTISE AND LEGAL ADVICE


analysis and risk management

Contact: Tim Hipkiss

Make sure there are no unpredictable factors.

Ecogain navigates through complex matters and provides you with advice on measures, based on aspects such as environmental quality standards, permit conditions, Natura 2000, control programs and general opinion.


IFC PS6 review

IFC Performance Standard 6.

Secure your access to capital through a standardised risk analysis for biodiversity based on IFC's Performance Standard 6. Contact us for more information.



Early study

Contact: Tim Hipkiss

Better preparing in the stream than in the river.

Minimise your project risks around nature, species, land and water through an early pilot study on location, design or choice of measures.


Current situation analysis

Contact: Cajsa Björkén


We analyse your company's relations with nature.

We point out and propose prioritised measures. You become aware of and can reduce your most important risks.

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Species Protection

Everything you need to know about species protection

The Swedish Art Protection Regulation is, to say the least, complex and tricky. Take on board one of Ecogain's art experts early on, build your own knowledge and eliminate your risks.


environmental due diligence

What are the environmental risks?

Prior to a successful new acquisition, it is crucial to identify the environmental risks and the financial consequences that follow. With our environmental risk analysis, you are on the safe side.


The Global Risks Report 2019, 14th Edition

World Economic Forum Global Risk Report 2019 shows that companies can no longer ignore environmental risks. The report states that the loss of biodiversity must be addressed. Failures to manage the degradation of our nature capital jeopardises everything from health to financial and political stability. Biodiversity becomes an important issue addressed in an increasing number of financial situations.